Domain and Web hosting

Domain and Web hosting

Domain and Web hosting are the core of internet whatever we search on google it is redirecting to a specific domain hosted on any specific server

Domian :
A domain name is an address where Internet users can access your website
Every website has unique domain name
Various domain providers in India:-
1 Bigrock Click here
2 Hostgator here
3 Ipage here
4 Hosting Raja here
5 Godaddy here
6 Ewebguru here
7 Namecheap here
8 Blue host here
9 FatCow here
10 here

Web hosting

Types of web hosting:
1 Shared web hosting: In this type og hosting the website is hosted on a server which is shared by various websites
2 cloud-based web hosting
3 virtual private server
4 Dedicated web server
5 self-service web hosting
6 Manage WordPress hosting

Various hosting services in India :
1 Hostgator web hosting ‘
2 GoDaddy web hosting
3 Hostinger Click here
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