Frameworks are something which reduces the time of doing same work, again and again.

Instead of performing the same type of task again and again for the same type of applications, we create a Frameworks having all those facilities together in one nice packet, hence providing the abstraction for your application and more importantly many applications.

If you want to do blogging online then you don’t need to learn web development you just need to know about various frameworks like WordPress, blogger or Joomla

In this article, I will mention about various frameworks @ is a web development Framework for Android app development framework

Wordpress and Blogger are very popular framework to develop websites without the prior knowledge of coding

Initially, we have to invest time to learn how different plugins work and how we could change the appearance of the website

1 WordPress: WordPress is free and name open source content management system written in PHP and my SQL WordPress is extensively used for blogging
Various popular websites like Geeksforgeeks Shoutmeloud are developed on WordPress

2 Blogger: Blogger is another platform for blogging provided by Google and it is free of cost there are thousands of themes available on blogger we could customise it according to our need and requirement

We could develop Android Applications by two different methods
1st coding

In coding part, you need to learn Java you need to learn functionality of Android studio and then you could develop Android applications apart from that you need to know a little bit about UI design so that application looks attractive

2nd frameworks
There are various frameworks that are available to develop Android applications
few of them are
1 Appsgeyser
2 Appypie

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