Seo and seo tips

SEO and SEO Tips

SEO and SEO Tips

Seo and seo tips #1 – The Value and the method to Optimize

The goal of SEO is to increase the quality, understanding, but especially the visibility of a website within the search engine results. To increase traffic to, there is no magic. I invest very little time on social networks, but I use tools and methodologies that allow me to better position myself on these search engines.

First and foremost, I write articles that may be of interest to my readers. The more interesting, relevant and quality content is, the more this content becomes “shareable”. Over time, I increase my chances of finding myself on the first page of Google’s search results. The key word to remember on the web, as in business, is: “value”. “Value” is your best marketing tool. I would prefer to have 10 visits of 5 minutes each on my website rather than 1000 visitors who would leave after 5 seconds.

Basically, for my articles and the pages of my website, I’m only trying to optimize the keywords of tags TITLE, H1, H2, file name and ALT tags of my images.

Seo and seo tips # 2 H1, target readers, TITLE, target robots
For blogs and small corporate websites, WordPress is my favorite platform. However, basically with WordPress, the content of the title of your articles and pages will also be used for the values ??of tags TITLE, H1 and the link (ex .: ) of this new article / page. I suggest you use one of the following extensions to allow you to independently edit the TITLE and H1 tags of your articles and pages: All in One SEO Pack or Yoast SEO.

The reason why it is sometimes useful to have different TITLE and H1 tags is that the H1 tag is usually more visible to the reader because it is part of the content of your page. As the title of a newspaper article, the H1 tag must first and foremost catch the attention of the reader who is already on your website. Any good copywriter knows that the title of an article is the advertisement of the article itself. If a title can not hold the attention, your potential customer will not go further.

With the H1 tag, it is, therefore, necessary to find the angle that will capture the attention. If it’s possible, sprinkle it with some important keywords for the SEO of your page. Finally, I suggest to bet more on the tag TITLE to help you with the optimization of your website for search engine robots.

However, it should not be overlooked that, as with the H1 tag, the TITLE tag is also important for the user experience. The content of the TITLE tag of your website appears (usually) on the first line (blue color) of the results of the search engines. Interesting TITLE content? Possibly more clicks. Warning, Google may sometimes decide to display a different title than the content of your tag TITLE, or for a title that more closely matches the keywords of the request of the user.

Keep in mind: The first words of the TITLE tag have more weight (SEO) than the last ones. Take the following title as an example: “Effective marketing strategies to increase your profits”. The keywords “Marketing Strategies” may perform better than the keywords “increase your profits”.

Warning, sometimes search engines prioritize the “bad” keywords of your tags to display your pages in the search results. I recently published a Webapp article or mobile application, which route to take for your project, but doing a little analysis later, I found that Google posted my article for the following keywords: “which road “,” Take the road “,” which road to take “, etc. So I rectified shooting by modifying my H1 and TITLE tags for “Webapp or native mobile app for your project?” Nothing spectacular, I know, but a little more likely to attract “qualified” readers this time.

Seo and seo tips tips# 3- who is your target client?
The first logical thing to do is to determine who you want to target with your web page (article, product page, etc.), and what is the main question this person will have to ask in order to land on the answer (the content of your page).

By analyzing the reasons, motivations and desires of your potential customers, you will be able to create precise and adapted content for them. You sell dresses? Okay, you sell dresses, but for whom are they exactly? The optimization could be done on: “elegant dress for Montreal round woman” for example. Be specific, especially if the competition for these keywords is fierce.

Seo and seo tips # 4 – After SEO

While it is possible to have better results by researching and analyzing keywords before publishing an article, we never have complete control over the SEO success of our pages. You probably compete with thousands of other websites similar to yours. However, nothing prevents you from continuing to optimize your article after its publication. If you’re like me and you use Google Analytics and Google Search Console (you do not know, do not waste time, plug your site into these valuable tools), a few days / weeks after a new page is published you will have data that will tell you more about its positioning on the search engines.

Want to boost the display position of a page in search engines? Follow the steps that follow.

In Google Search Console:

Click on your website (you must first add it if it is not done)
Click on “Search Traffic”
Click on “Research Analysis”
Check the “Clicks”, “Impressions”, “CTR” and “Positions” boxes
Click on “Pages”
Find pages that have multiple impressions, but few clicks (CTR bottom).
Click one of the pages identified in the previous step.
Then click “Queries” to view the queries (keywords) that Google users have made for this page to appear in the search results. By clicking on the title of the “Impressions” column, the tool will present the queries with the highest number of impressions first (descending order).

Observe keywords that have a lot of impressions, but few clicks. Under the column heading “Position”, the tool also gives you the average position of your page in the Google search results (1 to 10 being on the first page, 11 to 20 on the second, etc.).
Compare these keywords with the keywords you use in your tags and your content. Are these keywords in your TITLE and H1 tags? Are they among the first words of your tags TITLE and H1 (since Google gives more importance to the first words than the last words of these tags).
To optimize this page further, modify your tags to give more importance to these keywords … or simply add more content to your page (including the strong keywords you are missing).
This strategy alone could save you some positions, and who knows, maybe even propel you on the podium.

In conclusion, a good SEO strategy is defined as a set of optimization methods that correspond to your objectives, and those of your company.

Would you like to cheat and quickly get to the front page for some keywords?

It’s easy! Just create an advertising campaign using Google Adwords and your site will be on the front page for the keywords you choose. The problem is that you will have to pay for these results. That’s why I strongly suggest that you optimize your website with the techniques described in Seo and seo tips. With SEO, you will be a winner in the long run, but what is even more advantageous (but difficult, I must admit), is to invest more time and energy in writing interesting and complete content . “Value” first, then SEO.

Thank you for reading Seo and seo tips see you soon!
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