Service based and Product based company

Service based and Product based company

Service based and Product based company have different requirement and different perks to offer. People use to confuse between these two here is the article which will clear your doubt regarding these two companies

Service based company

Service based company build software according to the client requirement
Here the client is very important their true and real requirement should be the top priority for most of the service based company

The requirement to get placed in a service based company :

1 Good logical Thinking
2 Good communication skills
3 Good aptitiude Skills

Average salary of service based company :

the average salary is 20k to 30k in service based company

Product based company

They develop software for the general purpose. They build a purely fail-safe product like the mail system,
The software they build could be used easily by everybody
the user interaction of their products are simply awesome

The requirement to get placed in a product based company :

1 Algorithm knowledge
2 Data structure knowledge
3 Operating system knowledge

Average salary of Product based company :

The average salary is 50k to 1 Lakh in Product based company
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